Advanced solutions for the Defense Industry Secure Asset Management and Storage

GlobeRanger understands this environment intimately. Our iMotionTM IoT enablement and asset tracking platform can help to improve the visibility of assets throughout the supply chain by managing data from multiple sources, including RFID tags, M2M devices, IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices, ERP and other enterprise applications.

iMotionTM enables precision-based, near real-time monitoring and secure management of assets, so you can be confident that every asset issued is in the hands of the correct person and can be accurately tracked and traced until it is returned. GlobeRanger iMotionTM provides a completely reliable audit trail, delivering the capability to:

  • Collect information from devices and sensors monitoring assets, like small arms
  • Apply appropriate context to generate meaningful information
  • Provide a multitude of secure weapon monitoring / management solutions
  • Audit any asset inventory at any time
  • Provide a highly secure, ruggedized locker storage facility, if required
  • Integrate with existing systems across different security domains.

GlobeRanger’s highly configurable iMotionTM platform lets you choose what data will be communicated back to your host systems for analysis and archiving. iMotionTM gathers, filters and processes data from this sophisticated network of devices and sensors located on assets throughout your organization’s value chain. Flexible data collection and processing at the edge allows organizations to filter input so they can manage by exception and receive near real-time notification when user-determined thresholds are neared or breached.

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