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GlobeRanger RFID and IoT

Stay ahead with data-driven transformation enabled by GlobeRanger RFID and IoT

Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. GlobeRanger is a digital solution that grows alongside your business to ensure that you’re never left behind, instead, you’re empowered to always take the lead.

Using digital technologies that both collect data and make sense of it, we enable you to make truly informed decisions about your business, helping you to grow profitably and sustainably into the future.

Don’t just take our word for it – according to McKinsey* data-driven businesses are:

  • 23 times more likely to acquire customers
  • 6 times as likely to retain customers
  • 19 times more likely to be profitable

Knowing this, can you afford to get left behind?

Source * mckinsey.com

Integrating GlobeRanger IoT solutions with Fujitsu innovation

Fujitsu are world leaders in digital evolution. That’s why, over time, we are planning on integrating some of the latest technologies into our GlobeRanger solutions to help our customers solve problems at the very edge of their organization.

Together, Fujitsu GlobeRanger can help you to create a new future for your organization – new technologies and use cases to include:

5G icon


for faster connectivity with lower latency

AI icon


for useable intelligence close to where customers are working, automated decisions and smarter working

Blockchain icon


for an unalterable trail of provenance

IoT-enabled asset tracking combined with Fujitsu technology – how the future of data insight could look

Data is one of the most powerful tools a business has. By combining IoT asset tracking with other Fujitsu technologies you are enabled to leverage unique data insight to:

Identify icon

Identify emerging market trends and customer preferences

Predict icon

Predict future trends, customer behavior and market demand

Personalize icon

Personalize customer experiences

Adapt icon

Adapt to changing market dynamics

Reveal icon

Reveal bottlenecks, inefficiencies and areas of improvement within existing business processes

Mitigate icon

Mitigate risks such as supply chain disruption

Improve icon

Improve products and services


Airbus – RFID tracks vital aircraft kit in an instant

Airbus – RFID tracks vital aircraft kit in an instant

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Deployment of Globeranger iMotion® at Jim Beam® brings automated, seamless IoT monitoring and tracking to the Whiskey production industry

Deployment of Globeranger iMotion® at Jim Beam® brings automated, seamless IoT monitoring and tracking to the Whiskey production industry

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Superpowers for a new generation of sustainable manufacturers

Fujitsu – smart manufacturing solutions for a sustainable future. Super-powering your factory transformation.

Out of disruption, a new generation of manufacturers is emerging. A generation not defined by sector, region or number of years in business. But by a commitment to building sustainable manufacturing processes for a sustainable future. The question is – how to deliver on this change? By empowering your workforce through smart manufacturing technologies.

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