Connecting the Physical with Digital – Understanding IoT-enabled Asset Tracking

Digital asset management and tracking

Digital asset management and tracking must start with where

From retail to manufacturing, travel to hospitality, and defense to aerospace. Private and public. Big and small. Local and global. GlobeRanger has experience working with customers across all sectors deploying RFID technology and IoT-enabled asset tracking solutions.

While customers’ individual business challenges may vary, how we help solve them begins with connecting their physical assets digitally. Or, put another way, connecting their assets and all types of things – devices and objects – to the Internet of Things (IoT), which is just an evolution of the Internet as you know it.

Regardless of industry sector, our customers all have the following things in common:

  • High volumes of physical assets
  • High levels of asset complexity
  • Assets in flux – whether all or just some of the time
  • Rapid asset mobilization requirements
  • Slow and difficult access to asset audit trails

If this describes your business, get in touch and discover how we can help you digitize to improve operating visibility and enable asset tracking management.

As a connected organisation, you can plan to take your share of the IoT market, valued at $1 trillion by 2025.

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  • Improved efficiency and productivity: IoT devices can collect real-time data on asset performance, inventory levels, and production processes, enabling businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize operations. This can lead to reduced downtime, increased output, and lower costs.
  • Enhanced customer experiences: IoT-enabled devices can provide businesses with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing them to personalize products, services, and interactions. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue.
  • New business opportunities: IoT is creating new markets and opportunities for businesses of all sizes. By connecting devices, systems, and processes, businesses can develop innovative products and services that were never before possible.
  • Increased agility and decision-making: IoT data can be analyzed in real time to provide businesses with actionable insights that can inform decision-making at all levels of the organization. This can lead to faster response times, improved risk management, and a competitive advantage.

How does GlobeRanger IoT asset tracking work?

IoT-enabled asset tracking uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to track where your assets are, how many of them you have, and how they move through your business operation. Digitizing this area of your business has the potential to:

Deliver real-time icon

Deliver real-time, 360° supply chain and asset visibility

Reduce the risk of human error icon

Reduce the risk of human error

Increase asset efficiency icon

Increase asset efficiency, particularly when it comes to auditing and restocking

Increase operational efficiency icon

Increase operational efficiency, streamline processes and enhance customer satisfaction for improved customer loyalty/retention

Optimize business processes icon

Optimize business processes, enabling you to do more with less, benefiting your resources and your bottom line

Provide peace of mind icon

Provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are meeting all regulatory compliance requirements

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Why it makes sense to choose GlobeRanger as your IoT Technology and asset tracking partner

We understand that your organization, like any other, is under pressure to drive continuity and change at the same time. So, our approach is to take care of change, leaving you free to focus on continuity.

  • First, we’ll get to know your business so that we’re not offering an off-the-shelf solution, but rather solving the one challenge that could deliver the most business value.
  • Then we’ll do what we do best, fastest and at the lowest cost of ownership. We’ll tag your assets with RFID technology and connect them to an IoT platform making them ‘visible’ to you and your team, in real-time.
  • Next, armed with rich data, we’ll help you use this to gain actionable insight to inform more strategic decision-making, develop innovative solutions, and identify opportunities for business growth.

GlobeRanger RFID Technology and IoT asset tracking – overcoming your challenges:

With our RFID and IoT solutions, we enable you to overcome a range of challenges, such as:

  • Not being able to locate your assets
  • Not being able to track your assets
  • Losing assets, which is especially costly when they are high-value
  • Running out of assets
  • Buying too much stock
  • Not being able to be accountable for your assets
  • Difficulty managing your assets due to lack of data
  • Inefficiency of operations including maintenance, logistics, distribution and cost management

This is now, but what benefits can GlobeRanger offer you as we grow and develop our offering?

Business insight icon

Business insight

Through asset data collection and analysis

Business transformation icon

Business transformation

By integrating with other digital technologies, in partnership with Fujitsu, to take your organization to the next level

Opportunity mapping icon

Opportunity mapping

Backed up by data, to transform your business

As your business evolves, we’ll evolve your IoT-enabled asset-tracking solution to keep pace

We understand that transforming to digital can be daunting – and so, from choosing the right products to implementation and scaling, we’ll be right by your side.

  • We’ll begin by discussing your business problems and exploring whether there’s an opportunity for us to help you.
  • Next, we’ll survey your site to get a more in-depth understanding of the assets you have, your operation, your challenges, and your needs.
  • Then, we’ll write up our recommended solution and propose doing a pilot so you can see it in action.
  • The pilot will focus on a specific area with a limited number of assets, and implementation of the recommended solution will be on a small scale, which offers two benefits:
    • You can see the benefits and quantify the savings/value you could achieve by rolling out the solution at scale.
    • Our team can surface any barriers, problems and issues, explore resolves and understand how to optimize the solution at scale.
  • Finally, we’ll roll out the solution across your organization.


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