Unlock significant productivity gains and savings with GlobeRanger’s asset and inventory tracking solution

GlobeRanger’sAsset Tracker is an on-premise or Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to run on Microsoft Azure. It can effortlessly scale in line with your requirements –providing full visibility of your growing assets wherever you are, via the intuitive web portal and native Android application.


By harnessing the power of the Azure platform, you can connect all existing data for example from your existing SAP or ServiceNow asset management system. Asset Tracker also supports data import from CSV files or via direct entry into the web portal. Its flexible data model allows you to associate multiple attributes to each asset to meet the unique needs of your business and use cases. Connecting to the Azure cloud and importing your data is easy, however if you need assistance getting started, the dedicated GlobeRangerintegration team has the tools and skills to get you up and running. 


After connecting to your data, our mobile app allows you to quickly add new or existing assets with a barcode, QR Code or RFID tag. Create named locations and associate them with a geo-fence area, for example an area on a map or a radius around a point such as a specific storage area or workstation. Alternatively, our mobile app includes automatic location selection. With your assets set up and your locations defined, you have full visibility over where they are, where they have been and whether they are missing or misplaced. 


The GlobeRangerAsset Tracker allows you to perform regular inventory checks across all your locations, to keep track of where assets are located and record all previous inventory or location checks. It quickly identifies any assets that are missing or misplaced and enables you to instantly pinpoint their location. The app also allows you to manage your internal and external locations, and define which assets are allocated to a specific area, department or building.


Know where assets were last seen and trace where they have been. Know where and to whom they are assigned and track chain of custody. Quickly identify potential problem areas with a pattern of assets getting lost or misplaced. Learn how to reduce costs through better asset management and visibility.


Progress on your digital transformation journey by leveraging GlobeRanger’ssolutions and experience. Add fixed infrastructure to automate your asset tracking capabilities. Leverage IoT sensors to collect environmental data such as temperature, humidity, vibration to support quality assurance and condition-based maintenance needs.

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