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The enabled enterprise

GlobeRanger’s industry-leading Internet of Things (IoT) solutions support all aspects of the manufacturing industry including materials receiving, inventory management, tool tracking, shipping and supply chain integration. GlobeRanger’s iMotion™ platform helps optimize processes and eliminate redundant tasks, which can significantly reduce manual errors and labor costs, provide near real-time dashboards and alerts, and enhance visibility of asset utilization.

Our turn-key solution approach includes a complete range of RFID tags, readers and supporting software that are engineered for manufacturing industry requirements. We also offer complete tagging and consulting services and can configure our software solutions to run independently or integrate with your legacy or ERP systems.

GlobeRanger’s highly configurable iMotion™ platform lets you choose what data will be communicated back to your host systems for analysis and archiving. iMotion ™ gathers, filters and processes data from this sophisticated network of devices and sensors located on assets throughout your organization’s value chain. Flexible data collection and processing at the edge allows organizations to filter input so they can manage by exception and receive near real-time notification when user-determined thresholds are neared or breached.

Your business rules determine what you want to monitor, what data you receive, when it should be reported and the automated responses and alerts the system should make. Having actionable information can make the difference between planned and unplanned downtime, and associated costs.

Productivity optimization

With GlobeRanger iMotion™, you can monitor queue times and improve visibility and productivity of manufacturing operations by gaining granular insight into the individual stages of production. With near real-time monitoring of workstations or work in progress, you can optimize personnel productivity and identify individual areas for improvement.

Environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, shock and vibration can also be tracked to ensure the quality and sustainability of materials throughout the production process. Managers can even receive immediate alerts when specific activities extend outside of business rules or processing times.

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