Your end-to-end supply chain is complicated.

Managing stock levels, deliveries from suppliers, inventory levels, production schedules, shipments…

the list is endless.

With so many moving parts, it’s a real challenge to gain the visibility you need to keep track of everything. But the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed this. IoT technology presents an opportunity to give you complete visibility of what is really happening across your entire organization. 

At GlobeRanger, a Fujitsu company, we understand the extraordinary potential of IoT, and how it can give you the visibility – probably for the first time – where the points of real value are located within your business. With this visibility and insight, you can realize process optimization and cost efficiencies that deliver true business transformation.


The connected supply chain - better visibility drives process optimization

Collecting near real-time data from a sophisticated network of connected devices provides the clarity you need to identify how to optimize processes and drive efficiency improvements. Armed with near real-time, accurate data and insightful analysis you can make fully informed decisions to exploit the power of data and transform your business.

With GlobeRanger asset tracking technology such as RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), you can quickly and economically keep on top of your inventory and assets, identify production bottlenecks, and prepare and deploy your products for shipment. The result is a transformational improvement in operational efficiency, workforce productivity, and customer satisfaction.


Distribution & Logistics

End-to-end logistics management, delivering velocity, visibility and value. With a smart and connected supply chain solution, you are enabled to gain a 360-degree view of your entire warehouse operation, empowering you to anticipate disruptions and rapidly make immediate adjustments as conditions change. 


Real-time supply chain visibility drives business process optimization. In an industry that depends on timely data and decision making, obsolete and unreliable information systems can bring production to a grinding halt. 

Defense & National Security

Harnessing data to deliver near real-time intelligence with Military context. Military support chains are complex. Achieving a single, trusted view of your available assets is a huge challenge, given the complexities involved. 


Industry-leading asset tracking solutions that support all aspects of the aerospace industry including MRO, inventory management and supply chain integration.

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