GlobeRanger IoT solutions are highly scalable and flexible, with applications across numerous industry sectors. We provide the world’s most advanced asset tracking solution, exploiting the true potential of the Internet of Things. Our GlobeRanger suite of capabilities can be deployed to address many unique industry challenges including:

Delivering rapid time-to-value

GlobeRanger solutions deliver rapid time-to-value by working with our customers to develop the business case and expected ROI. GlobeRanger’s end-to-end implementation service means you can start small and provide demonstrable value at the early stage of implementation. Our patented emulation technology allows us to architect, design and implement solutions in days or weeks. By focusing on our customer’s specific needs and requirements we can create early wins that enable our customers to meet or exceed their business case and ROI expectations.  

Some of our customers’ most common supply chain challenges:

How can I make better use of my warehouse space?

Can you help me to track the quality and reliability of my suppliers?

How can I keep track of all my assets?

Can I improve the efficiency of my manufacturing & warehousing processes? 

How can I increase inventory accuracy and reduce cycle counts?


Real-time supply chain visibility drives business process optimization

In an industry that depends on timely data and decision making, obsolete and unreliable information systems can bring production to a grinding halt. GlobeRanger helps manufacturers reach optimum levels of efficiency and performance by providing data and process visibility through IoT and AIT enabled supply chain solutions. 

GlobeRanger helps optimize processes and eliminate redundant tasks, which can significantly reduce manual errors and labor costs, provide near real-time dashboards and alerts, and enhance visibility of asset utilization. Fast, accurate and reliable information, coupled with near real-time supply chain visibility drives efficiency and informed decision making, leading to:

  • improved inventory management and supply chain visibility
  • optimized utilization and asset lifecycle management
  • improved historical data for regulatory compliance, auditability and reporting

Distribution & Logistics

End-to-end logistics management, delivering velocity, visibility and value

With a smart and connected supply chain solution, you are enabled to gain a 360-degree view of your entire warehouse operation, empowering you to anticipate disruptions and rapidly make immediate adjustments as conditions change. By moving away from reactive problem-solving to a more predictive and preventative model, your workers are freed to focus their attention on improving service delivery and customer outcomes.

GlobeRanger IoT/AIT solutions can be easily integrated into existing legacy systems to deliver accountability and end-to-end visibility of inbound and outbound supply chain transactions. Our GlobeRanger technology is hardware agnostic and can support mobile and stationary AIT infrastructures, including bar code, RFID and Bluetooth low energy (BLE), as well as a range of other sensor technologies for receiving, shipping, tracking assets, inventory put-away and inventory counts. This end-to-end logistics management delivers velocity, visibility and value to your supply chain, enabling:

  • near real-time visibility of all supply chain transactions
  • optimal efficiency resulting in fewer receiving and shipping errors
  • continuous visibility of the location and condition of your inventory and assets

Defense & National Security

Harnessing data to deliver near real-time intelligence with Military context

Military support chains are complex. Achieving a single, trusted view of your available assets is a huge challenge, given the complexities involved. Delivering comprehensive and effective end-to-end visibility depends on the timeliness and quality of data. It also relies upon how this data is appropriately shared between stakeholders, with unambiguous performance measurement and diagnostics.

GlobeRanger enables automated, near real-time data capture ensuring error-free data that is shared with stakeholder systems right across the military support chain in near real-time. The result is a single version of the truth, accessible and acceptable to all support chain stakeholders. Here are some examples of potential military applications:

  • enabling effective environmental monitoring of sensitive equipment and ordnance
  • near real-time knowledge of the location and condition of mission-critical assets
  • personnel tracking combined with weapons and equipment chain of custody tracking  
  • end-to-end logistics management and control  
  • vehicle and platform tracking and predictive maintenance monitoring


Unprecedented levels of supply chain efficiency and safety

GlobeRanger’s industry-leading AIT solutions support all aspects of the aerospace industry including MRO, inventory management and supply chain integration. Our aerospace solutions are a culmination of 10 years of collaboration with major airlines, aircraft and component OEMs, technology standards organizations and aviation regulatory authorities.

Improving visibility of key inventory and asset utilization helps to significantly reduce lead times and labor costs for maintenance, inspection, repair and other day-to-day activities, delivering:

  • Process optimization and elimination of redundant tasks
  • Unprecedented levels of supply chain efficiency and safety
  • Significant reduction in emergency equipment management time
  • Accurate tracking of serialized rotable components, and other high-value aircraft parts
  • AIT enabled maintenance to better support Air Worthiness Compliance (ICA)
  • Improved tool tracking to reduce chances of foreign object debris (FOD)

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