Unlock significant Microsoft Azure and AWS IoT productivity gains with GlobeRanger’s iMotionTM Data Orchestration Solution

Unlock the potential of Microsoft Azure and AWS IoT

Manage devices at the edge and transform their critical data into valuable business insights.

  • Centrally manage connected devices at the edge of the enterprise.
  • Highly scalable from small to enterprise level.
  • Make informed decisions as to which data stays on-premise or is sent to the Azure or
  • AWS cloud.
  • Reduce connectivity requirements and Azure and AWS consumption costs.
  • Operations can continue even when connectivity is impaired or down.
  • Filter raw data at the edge and transform into actionable information including alerts.

Business success today relies on the ability to effectively collect and transform data to extract valuable insight into its operations and customers. With the exponential growth of data collected via a rapidly growing number of IoT devices, organizations are increasingly turning to the cloud to help manage the devices and secure the data. To help leverage their investment, unlock further productivity gains and boost efficiency, GlobeRanger’s iMotionTM Data Orchestration integrates with Azure IoT and AWS IoT.

GlobeRanger’s iMotionTM Data Orchestration helps businesses regain control of their raw edge data. It manages edge devices such as IoT sensors, RFID readers, and other digital devices and captures the data they generate. The data orchestrator then filters the data based on the customer’s parameters and determines whether to create an alert, forward to a back-end application or database, or send to the cloud for further processing or analytics.

As a result, connectivity and consumption costs are optimized, and the basic information translated into valuable and actionable real-time insights. Businesses can maximize the potential of Azure and AWS IoT to deliver the business transformation and value demanded in the market today.

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