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March 27th 2018


Sales Executive

At GlobeRanger we’ve had a stellar year….  We’ve grown our sales team, TCV and new customer names.  We have spent a lot of time understanding who our target market is through the analysis of data and customer feedback.  Focus, focus, focus is our mantra – this year we’ve probably qualified out of 4 out of every 5 deals.


Ultimately, what makes us different is that at GlobeRanger we sell to business lines not IT functions.  We’re genuinely curious about how we can help customers solve their day to day operational challenges.  Our aim is to work with businesses to help them transform the way in which they work – we don’t simply help them to function.


Our favorite customers are typically those who are tier 2 or 3 in Discrete manufacturing organizations.  They lose their stuff (don’t we all?) and we help them to find it.  It’s likely that in order for you to smash your targets each quarter you would need to be looking at closing around 5 deals per quarter.  This isn’t a one or two deal a year traditional enterprise software sales environment…GlobeRanger’s key focus is to exponentially increase its customer base every quarter.  We don’t achieve this through protracted, passive RFP response type engagements.




You can’t be interesting unless you are interested…..


A true understanding of a start-up environment. While many sales people claim to understand what this means the truth from experience shows us that this is not the case. As with most start-ups we have to be comfortable with the balance of selling new technology which is often in development as well as delivering a pragmatic and realistic experience to our prospects
Self-starter – one of the great throw-away comments in business (and sales in particular) but so relevant here at GlobeRanger. There won’t be huge amounts of resources available.  There won’t be hundreds of customers to leverage – it’s a true hunter role.
Defining and creating a market – this means finding new prospects from scratch. Cold calling, generating your own leads and then driving them through a rigorous sales process to qualify effectively
Understanding accountability – the comfort and acknowledgement that sales is a results-based business. GlobeRanger believes passionately in building an environment of trust, empowerment and support, it is also critical that sales people in our organization understand the meaning of accountability


Who are you?


  • Minimum of 7 years of outside sales experience
  • Quota attainment record
  • Net New customer track record with success
  • Manufacturing experience with current industry knowledge
  • High level contact experience i.e. C-suite or business owner depending on size of prospect
  • Capable of handling complex sales with contract options
  • Familiar with SaaS/subscription models
  • Able to discuss & negotiate contract T&C’s
  • Experience in team selling with various departments from sales engineers through to delivery/implementation

Your background


  • Manufacturing experience – what do we mean? We mean that you have sold net new business to manufacturing customers. You understand the challenges that manufacturers have today and are truly inspired by the opportunity to help them solve their business critical problems
  • You will have a proven network of manufacturing customers you have sold to previously – it means that you can start to create your own pipeline and eco-system immediately
  • Understanding the true challenges that manufacturing companies have means you can command credibility and air-time in the board room – with VP’s, CFO’s and Supply Chain execs – you talk their language, your experience presents you as an agent for change within their industry because you understand, can articulate and show how you can help to solve their issues
  • You have an outstanding track-record in selling to the line of business – this is NOT a product, feature / function show and tell approach. This IS about demonstrating the compelling, immediate impact you will have on their business at a P&L level, operationally and through to customer satisfaction.  They don’t just need your solution – they WANT your solution!
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