GlobeRanger, Keeping track of your assets, so you can focus on what you do best

Your military-grade partner for traceability and accountability in emergency services asset management

How it works

Instant asset assignment:
Present, serviced, secure.
In realtime

Chain of custody:
Where, when, who.
In realtime

Track your full inventory lifecycle

GlobeRanger monitors your full inventory lifecycle – leaving you confident your officers are correctly equipped for duty and free them to focus on their jobs. From equipment check-out to vehicle itemization, patrol and return, our solution keeps tabs on your shared and permanent assets.


Nearly expired


Keeping police on the streets

We understand the uniform and equipment inventory demands your departments face. With the security and sensitivity of your equipment paramount – and the vast responsibilities of accountability and chain of custody – the need for accurate inventory tracking has never been greater. GlobeRanger is the solution. A platform-based system that supports multiple applications through RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, our combination of industry knowledge and proven IOT solutions make us the police departments’ choice – above and beyond other general software providers. GlobeRanger gives your officers more time on shift, and less at their desks.


Our easy-to-use RFID technology makes sure your equipment is assigned efficiently and accurately.

Chain of custody:

Chain of custody:
Benefit from a real-time view of which officer has which asset.


Find out which assets are serviceable, which are nearing expiry, and which are missing, expired, or tampered with. Keep tabs on repair history and part utilization.

Real-time inventory:

Real-time inventory:
From weapons to patrol equipment to safety gear, receive instant updates on your assets – improving visibility and regular audits.

Initial data import speeds up embed time and prevents extra upfront labor.

Accurately manage operational equipment.

Remove the complexity associated with assigning the correct equipment to the correct staff member.

Simplify equipment check-in and out processes.

Remove human error.

Allows staff more time on-shift and less time sifting through paperwork

GlobeRanger, Keeping track of your assets, so you can focus on what you do best

Transform labor-intensive, costly and error-prone manual processes into high visibility digital audits with short lead times.


Industry experts – with a passion for asset management.

Our combination of in-depth industry expertise and proven IOT solutions make us the military grade choice – above and beyond other general software providers.

As Regional Vice President of Sales for GlobeRanger, Phil Gaudreau has extensive experience in sales management and operations and understands exactly what first responders need.


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Overhaul your inventory lifecycle and reduce the time it takes to get officers on to the streets. Contact GlobeRanger today and challenge us to show you how.

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GlobeRanger, Keeping track of your assets, so you can focus on what you do best


Our Emergency Services Asset Management solution assists in accountability and traceability:

  • Powerful data
    Digital technology offers multiple report filtering for error-free data.
  • Configure
    Configure your reports for situations including asset and employee assignment, assigned inventory, asset history and self check-out.
  • Alerting
    Alerts are generated to officers if they are in possession of expired or nearly expired equipment.
  • Easy check-in
    Items can be quickly checked back into stock, raising alerts if maintenance or servicing is required.

Cost saving

Save costs on Emergency Services Asset Management:

  • 15 Time in seconds
    to scan a patrol vehicle and highlight present, missing or misplaced items.
  • 15 Time reduction in minutes
    to get an officer on the street with the equipment they need.
  • 1 Extra officer’s worth of time
    can be gained using GlobeRanger emergency services asset management.
  • 0 Eliminate errors
    Automated reporting eliminates the risk of human error when inputting data.

Technical information

More about our Emergency Services Asset Management solution:

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