It’s a real challenge to gain the visibility you need to keep track of everything across your organization. But GlobeRanger RFID solutions can change this. According to Gartner, “…as the Internet of Things continues to mature, IoT adopters are getting better at extracting value”, with 80% of organizations that have adopted IoT reporting already achieving better-than-expected results. 

GlobeRanger iMotion™ IoT enablement platform

At GlobeRanger, we have the solutions and experience to exploit the extraordinary potential of IoT. By working collaboratively with customers, we are able to truly identify the real points of value within their business, delivering near real-time business-critical information. By connecting the various components of your supply chain – equipment, inventory stock, tools, and other assets – with their associated processes, organizations can immediately act on this invaluable insight that has the potential to unlock significant productivity gains and savings.

GlobeRanger’s iMotion IoT platform helps you to exploit the potential of the Internet of Things. iMotion gathers, filters and processes data from a sophisticated network of devices and sensors located on assets throughout your organization. It then incorporates this data into existing management systems to:

  • Rapidly develop, configure and deploy a solution that solves real business problems
  • Enable a holistic near real-time view of your business without the problems of a complex and slow integration
  • Provide a crucial interface between your organization’s devices and assets and your day-to-day business processes

GlobeRanger’s iMotion IoT platform provides the visibility you need to realize process optimization and deliver true business transformation. It can be implemented quickly and efficiently, whether you require a globally deployed solution or a small-scale pilot.

GlobeRanger asset tracking solutions

The GlobeRanger asset tracking solution automates data capture from a wide range of Automated Identification Technology (AIT) readers and sensors, like barcodes, RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tags or Internet of Things (IoT) devices that are associated with each individual asset. We are hardware independent and can implement readers and devices from a supplier matching your requirements. 

There is no need for any change to existing information management systems or back-end infrastructure. GlobeRanger enables all your devices, objects and data to work in unison and be integrated into existing software systems, transforming your raw data into valuable business intelligence. Data that was once hard to access and integrate outside of a traditional IT infrastructure is now instantly available and capable of informing critical decision-making. 

Improve workplace safety with GlobeRanger AIT Personnel Tracking

GlobeRanger’s Personnel Tracking Solution is an integrated tracking solution that can monitor personnel in near real-time, enabling you to improve workplace safety and increase productivity, while tracking time, attendance and movements. The system allows you to easily define the specific site locations you want to monitor. By uploading floorplans and identifying the specific areas, floors and doors you want to monitor, you can quickly create zones of interest and track the movement of personnel through these areas.

Data is captured from a wide range of Automated Identification Technology (AIT) readers and sensors that can be applied in a number of ways, including ID cards, wrist bands, clothing or protective equipment. Parameters can be applied to individuals or areas of the site to monitor and control movement and access. 

Armed with this insightful data, the Personnel Tracking solution can be deployed to apply varying degrees of controls throughout the working environment. As such, the solution is highly flexible in its uses with numerous applications to help improve site safety, increase employee productivity, refine working practices, or even enhance the working environment.

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