GlobeRanger Solution Services (GSS)

Automated data collection and related technologies can unleash a number of benefits for users ranging from cost reduction through elimination of manual process delays and errors; real-time reconciliation, alerts and resolution, to revenue opportunities through early detection of demand signals, and up-sell/cross-sell possibilities. Traditional enterprise software systems were not built to handle the frequency and granularity of data generated by automated technologies. To take advantage of the rich data coming from the edges of the enterprise, new ‘edge’ applications and solutions need to be created that interface seamlessly with both the physical data collection infrastructure and back-end software systems.

Developing these ‘edge’ solutions demands a thorough understanding of RFID hardware capabilities as well as the ability to define or modify processes and workflows at the enterprise edge. This expertise has to be coupled with knowledge of the capabilities of edge infrastructure software, such as GlobeRanger’s iMotion Edgeware platform, to ensure the rapid creation of robust and scalable solutions. The GlobeRanger Solution Services (GSS) team, working on its own, or in tandem with GlobeRanger’s partners, brings an unparalleled level of skill and experience in the development of edge solutions. They represent the user’s best option when building new solutions, running pilots, or delivering time-constrained projects. The growing passive RFID solution footprint of the Department of Defense is strong testimony to the ability of the GlobeRanger GSS team.


  • Rapid development of robust solutions
  • Complete solutions delivered through balanced blend of software, hardware, process, and deployment expertise
  • Leverage growing library of solution components
  • Solutions that are in total compliance with industry standards