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January 16th 2018


iMotion Edgeware Platform

GlobeRanger Corporation pioneered the creation of an information processing software infrastructure at the edge of the enterprise. This enables companies to harness data generated outside traditional IT environments to improve their business processes and move closer to being real-time organizations.

The advent of low-cost RFID tags and reader technology is creating a tidal wave of real-time, item level and sensor information. In order to harness the value of this exponentially growing edge data, companies must have the ability to collect information from a variety of devices, apply business context to generate meaningful information and integrate with existing systems to determine appropriate action. iMotion™ is built for production-scale implementations of RFID/mobile/sensor technologies and provides the comprehensive infrastructure to control devices, manage networks and transform data to optimize business processes.

Robust, Proven Platform for Production Level Deployments

For GlobeRanger partners, iMotion™ serves as the foundation for edge solutions, providing a platform runtime, software development kit (SDK), workflow components, and tools for rapid applications development and deployment. Based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, iMotion enables business consultants, application developers, and systems engineers to easily configure and manage RFID solutions. The result is a platform that has enabled GlobeRanger and its partners to deliver to customers these unmatched services:

  • Speed to solution
  • Ease of solution deployment and management
  • Quantifiable business gains
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) and an overall positive experience

Enterprise Edge Software Platform

For GlobeRanger partners and customers, iMotion serves as the foundation for edge solutions, providing a platform runtime for managing devices and Edge processes, a software development kit (SDK) for easy extensibility, pre-built process components for rapid implementation, and comprehensive tools for rapid solution development, production deployment and on going operation.

Based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework, iMotion enables business consultants, application developers, and systems engineers to easily create, configure and manage RFID solutions.

Production Ready End-To-End

• Edge Device Management – Comprehensive device management capabilities for the efficient control of RFID, mobile and sensorbased devices.

Device Control and Configuration – Centrally manages networks of RFID devices, automatically filtering the data to provide clean, accurate information for upstream processing and integration.

iMotion’s Edge Management Console (EMC) – iMotion Edge Management Console (EMC) provides graphical real-time monitoring and control of device networks and allows edge processes to be executed, both locally and on a global basis, from a single management console.

Edge Management Console (EMC)

Leverage One Infrastructure for Multiple Applications – iMotion abstracts the physical device layer, isolating applications from device configuration details. This capability enables the sharing of RFID and sensor infrastructure across multiple applications, maximizing ROI.

Network Monitoring – Operation and performance information for devices is available through industry-standard SNMP and WMI interfaces, allowing for integrated monitoring of RFID solutions through standard network- and system-management systems.

RFID Reader Adapters – Standard support is available for major HF and UHF RFID readers – Class 1 Gen 2. New readers are easily supported by downloading new reader adapters

Edge Process Management – RFID data must be combined with business context to create actionable events for consumption by upstream systems. iMotion’s powerful and user friendly functions enable rapid development and deployment of edge process workflows.

  • ALE Subscriber Components – The iMotion platform includes components that enable connection to RFID and sensor data streams through the industry-standard ALE 1.0 interface.
  • Component Libraries – Bundled, pre-built workflow components enable rapid solution development. Components for standard notification methods such as e-mail, file and database logging, HTTP POST, audio alerts, and visual displays are provided. Adapters to other data sources and upstream systems can easily be developed using iMotion’s software development kit.
  • Edge Process Runtime and Management – Provides reliable and controllable execution of edge processes, fully distributable to enable scaling across a site or an entire enterprise.

Edge Application Studio (EAS)

• Comprehensive Edge Development & Deployment Tools – iMotion’s powerful visual tools address all stages of solution development and delivery, maximizing productivity and ROI.

  • Visual Device Emulator – Emulates real-world behavior of RFID readers, printers, tags and other sensor devices, providing solution developers with the ability to model physical deployment scenarios prior to actual equipment purchase and iMotion’s Visual Device Emulator eliminates the dependence on physical hardware for development, testing and integration of RFID systems.

Visual Device Emulator (VDE)

  • Event Monitor – Displays an accurate, real-time view of RFID tags being read. The Event Monitor captures history and analysis of tagread events for application tuning and optimization.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – A comprehensive set of .NET classes and APIs enables rapid development of custom workflow components. These components drop into the Event Workflow Editor (EWE), providing the same drag, drop and connect configuration as built-in components. The SDK is fully integrated with Visual Studio .NET. Sample components and applications are included to jumpstart development efforts.
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