SNAP™ Edge Process Management

Workflow and process management at the edge

Edge process management is a critical component of successful RFID deployments. GlobeRanger’s acclaimed iMotion platform leads the industry with its full-featured and rich process management capability.

However deployments involving fairly standard and unvarying workflows may not require all the sophisticated process management features of the full iMotion platform. Hence we created SNAP (Smart Network Appliance Product).

Built on the robust and field-proven components of GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform, SNAP is designed to make “life easier for network managers and application developers”.

“SNAP offers comprehensive workflow and process management at the edge of the enterprise”

GlobeRanger Corporation pioneered the creation of information processing software infrastructure at the edge of the enterprise. Our products enable companies to harness data generated outside traditional IT environments.  This improves our client’s business processes and helps move them closer to being real-time organizations.

Why choose GlobeRanger’s Smart Network Appliance Product (SNAP)?

If you are looking for the perfect product for initial pilots on tight budgets, deployments involving fixed and basic process flows, rollouts involving a large number of end-points with limited IT support, make SNAP your choice.

“SNAP combines the proven performance and reliability of iMotion with speed, economy and ease of deployment.”

SNAP connects easily with back-end enterprise systems, enabling easier growth and scaling without having to deploy a hierarchy of appliances that require extensive scripting to make changes.

SNAP provides a rich runtime platform to support edge applications that can be bundled within the appliance.

SNAP installations can be managed remotely, enabling companies to efficiently configure and update applications instantly across their networks.

What is GlobeRanger’s Smart Network Appliance Product (SNAP)?

In conventional edge environments data is merely routed straight to back-end systems.  SNAP acts as a middleware offering comprehensive workflow and process management – at the edge of the enterprise.

SNAP is user-friendly and easily configurable

GlobeRanger’s SNAP comes in 2 versions

1. An Embedded Edge Controller (SNAP EC)

2. An Edge Application Box (SNAP AB).

1. SNAP EC – Edge Controller

The SNAP EC version is optimized to handle device and data management. Its process management layer handles basic and fairly fixed workflows.

Complex business logic is processed at an enterprise-level iMotion server. The central server also monitors the network of SNAP edge controllers as depicted in the following figure.


The SNAP EC is ideally suited for retail chains that have basic and identical processes running at each outlet.

2. SNAP AB – Edge Application Box

SNAP AB is the Edge Application version of SNAP.  It contains the runtime version of the iMotion platform bundled with a GlobeRanger application such as Asset Tracking or Shipping & Receiving.

The process management layer can handle complex workflows. The following figure illustrates a typical layout that uses SNAP AB.


Pilots, stand-alone solutions and departmental applications are the typical deployment scenarios for GlobeRanger’s SNAP AB.

Features & benefits of GlobeRanger SNAP

The following summarizes key features and benefits of GlobeRanger’s SNAP as noted by our customers and partners.

Features Benefits
Real process management at the edge Gives you true process management at the edge instead of routing all tag data to back-end systems
Light footprint Connects seamlessly to the standard iMotion platform or any back-end legacy system without needing a hierarchy of networking boxes that hide your true cost of ownership
General sensor platform Supports active and passive RFID operating at all frequencies; linear and 2D barcodes; sensor technologies and location systems
Open platform Built on Microsoft’s .NET platform to give you ready access to make changes and additions. Provides more investment protection than black boxes and proprietary scripting languages
Remote management Configure, monitor, and manage our deployed network remotely. Propagate updates instantly across your network
Proven components Built with iMotion components that have been in operation in many successful, large-scale production environments
Standards compliant GlobeRanger’s leadership role in standards activities ensures products that are fully compliant with EPCglobal standards. Also supports non-standard data collection products
Enterprise connectivity Connects to back-end enterprise systems without going through a hierarchy of boxes

Technical spec

The following lists key technical specifications of the iMotion SNAP.

Connectivity 10/100/1000 Based T, USB 2.0, RS232 (DB9), and PCMCIA
Power 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 2A
Networking Protocols TCP/IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, NTP, DHCP, SNMP, SMTP, FTP
Tags EPC Class 0, EPC Class 0+, EPC Class 1, EPC C1G2, ISO 18000-6B, ISO 18000-6C, ISO 15693, Semi-Passive, Active and RTLS
Tag Formats EPCglobal TDS (1.27, 1.3, 1.4), US DoD Passive Tag Specifications version 6.0
Standards EPCglobal Application Level Events (ALE), EPCglobal EPCIS Data Capture Interface
Applications Highly configurable (SAP, MSMQ, MQSeries, WAWF, and many more)
Edge Processes Configurable
Management Supports integration with all SNMP and WMI based enterprise network management systems such as HP OpenView, CA Unicenter and IBM Tivoli NetView
Control Multi-level administration access
Devices Supported Passive, Semi-Active, RTLS, Barcode readers and Sensors;
5 devices without Ethernet switch, 12 devices with Ethernet switch,
RS-232 and USB for additional device connectivity and PCMCIA for wireless card
Data Center Standard 1U rack-mount server for installation in a server room or data center
Embedded Controller A harden server designed for harsh environments. Typically controller uses a solid state hard drive and is fanless.

If you are seeking a field proven product for initial pilots, small and multi-site deployments on tight budgets, deployments with fixed and basic process flows, or rollouts involving large numbers of end points with limited IT support, then GlobeRanger’s SNAP is the answer.