RFID enabled Logistics Management Application Suite, GR-LIVE™

GlobeRanger’s Logistics Inventory Visibility Engine

GR-LIVE is a complete RFID-driven logistics application suite that provides end-to-end visibility and accountability.

GR-LIVE gives you the “V3” advantage in your logistics operations – Visibility, Velocity and Value.

GR-LIVE is an RFID-enabled supply chain logistics application suite that provides not only an end-to-end view of your outbound and inbound transactions in the supply chain, but also the ability to easily incorporate that information into your business operations and legacy systems – actionable visibility.

GlobeRanger’s GR-LIVE supports a broad range of RFID and sensor technologies, as well as both mobile and stationary RFID infrastructure to automate your inventory and asset management needs. Specifically, GR-LIVE includes the following RFID-enabled applications:

  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Inventory Count
  • Logistics Asset Tracking

Inventory tracking: What is GR-LIVE?

GR-LIVE supports tracking of inventory at various levels, pallet, case and item. It offers instant reconciliation at all hand-off points in the supply chain removing errors and delays while allowing instant end-to-end visibility.

Shipping and receiving management application

The Shipping and Receiving application speeds up product flow through your warehouse facility while reducing manual labor and errors. GR-LIVE enables:

  • RFID-enabled picking to purchase order where products are already tagged
  • Tag commissioning and verification for products that are not RFID tagged
  • Packaging to ensure correct unit-case-pallet associations
  • Shipment accuracy ensuring order to shipment matching and shipment to dock door matching
  • Electronic ASN generation
  • Instant reconciliation of incoming shipments against ASN
  • Handheld functionality for exception handling such as overage, shortage and damage
  • RFID-enabled put-away

Inventory count application

Not knowing the inventory on hand can be costly, both in terms of lost sales and excess inventory carrying costs. With RFID tagged inventory, the time and labor for performing inventory counts can be greatly reduced, without shutdowns or disruptions to operations.

The inventory count application keeps track of your inventory on an on-going basis utilizing a RTLS like infrastructure, forklift-mounted readers or even handheld devices during normal warehouse operations. Location tags are read and linked to inventory tags to fix the position of the inventory.

Logistics asset tracking application

The logistics asset tracking application keeps track of your logistics assets both within the facility and as they enter and leave your facility. This information is made available in a range of reports that help reap financial benefits through greater utilization, identification of dwell times, and reduction of capital expense and operational expense budgets.

How does GR-LIVE help my business?

GR-LIVE delivers several RFID-enabled benefits that contribute to creating significant value enhancement in your logistics operations.

A rich range of reports gives you real-time visibility into your inventory and assets, helping you avoid inventory shortages and build-ups, and ensuring optimal asset utilization.

The elimination of many manual procedures reduces labor costs and manual errors, increasing the velocity of your supply chain.

Studies from IBM and SAP indicate that labor accounts for 70% of typical distribution center costs, and that as much as 80% of this can be reduced by RFID enabling operations. Additional benefits such as reduced shrinkage add more weight to the case for implementing GR-LIVE’s RFID-enabled capabilities.

GR-LIVE features & benefits

The following table summarizes features and benefits provided by GR-LIVE.

Features Benefits
Provides total visibility Captures outbound and inbound transactions in the supply chain; thus, providing end-to-end visibility
Eliminates errors Automates the reconciliation of inventory count against a document of record during shipping and receiving. This eliminates errors which may be incurred during manual processes
Provides customer-defined business processing and real-time reconciliation Processes user-defined business rules at the point of action to identify exceptions that trigger alerts and notifications. This reduces the impact of errors and improves operational efficiency. Reconciles shipping and receiving exceptions as they occur, reducing costs and eliminating the issues of delayed reconciliation
Reduces operational costs Automates manual functions, reduces costs and delays, prevents inventory build-up, and improves asset utilization and productivity

GR-ALIVE technical specification

GR-LIVE runs on most Microsoft platforms from Microsoft Windows XP to the newest Microsoft Windows Servers.

Readers are connected through a GlobeRanger iMotion™ EdgeWare™ server which filters and interprets the reader data and forwards tag data to GR-LIVE. The data is then processed using customer defined business rules concerning shipping, receiving, inventory count and automated tracking of your logistics assets.

The system is flexible, easily adaptable and expandable. It is built on proven building blocks and provides a user friendly environment to configure customer solutions without the cost of customer development. This lowers the total cost of ownership by reducing costs and complexity.