Intelligent Asset Management with GR-AWARE™

GlobeRanger’s Asset Watching And Reporting Engine

GR-AWARE is an IoT, RFID and sensor enabled asset management solution that provides you with a view of your assets by location and other attributes.

Importantly, GR-AWARE has the ability to easily incorporate asset management information into your business operations and legacy systems. It allows you to easily create business processing rules, manage exceptions, trigger alerts and notifications, as well as generate a variety of real-time reports.

GR-AWARE supports a broad range of IoT, RFID and sensor technologies, including mobile and stationary infrastructure to track logistics, industrial, healthcare, and IT assets

Asset Management: What is GR-AWARE?

GR-AWARE offers you a single, scalable platform to easily manage and track your corporate assets. Assets can include your employees, furniture, IT equipment and other types of uniquely identified items. Whether it is logistics assets or assets in a healthcare, office or manufacturing environment, GR-AWARE provides an effective asset management system that easily pays for itself.

GR-AWARE allows you to track assets by location, assigned user or any other configurable attributes. It turns an asset’s visibility into actionable decision-making by incorporating location information into your business processes.

Using iMotion and GR-AWARE, all assets are tracked using a single platform and flexible software solution. This solution buffers you from differences in underlying tagging hardware technology. No longer confined to separate systems that require re-keying of data, GR-AWARE integrates easily with existing legacy systems. A web interface allows you to view and update asset information from any location.

Asset tracking: How does GR-AWARE help my business?

Asset tracking represents a logical first candidate for deployment when companies look for ROI to justify investments in IoT-based asset tracking solutions. Numerous studies have shown that for the most part, asset management remains plagued by manual procedures and unsatisfactory results.

In a study conducted by the Aberdeen Group, about 50% of the companies surveyed reported that;

  • Logistics assets operations consumed 5% or more of corporate revenues
  • 35% lost a tenth or more of their reusable assets a year
  • Replenishing the stock of logistics assets seriously impacts corporate performance

Whether its logistics assets, or assets in a healthcare, office or manufacturing environment, effective asset management easily pays for itself.

GR-AWARE can be of immediate benefit to your company by providing:

  • Visibility across logistics operations to maintain optimal asset stock
  • Reduced total cost of ownership of assets by improving control, availability and maintenance costs
  • Accurate asset maintenance data and warranty claim management
  • Performance information which includes asset cycle times, dwell times, utilization rates, breakage and shrinkage points.
  • Asset visibility across customer locations leading to undisputed retention charging
  • Enhanced return on capital due to improved asset utilization
  • Improved asset management results in improved fulfilment and customer service across your supply change
  • Improves productivity and operational efficiency by reducing time and resources spent searching for assets
  • Closed loop and extended closed loop asset tracking which support ongoing re-use of tags and limited manual touch points

GR-Aware features & benefits

The following table summarizes key features and benefits realized from the implementation of GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE.

Features Benefits
Tracks assets by location and other customer-defined attributes Track and view assets by physical as well as business attributes
Enhance location information with business rules and logic Turn visibility into actionable visibility by incorporating location information into the company’s business processes
Integrated asset management Track all of your assets with a single platform that buffers you from underlying tagging hardware technology. Integrates easily with existing legacy systems
Alerts and notifications Easily set flexible triggers and conditions for sending notifications that are relevant to your company’s operations
Customizable reports Set-up a range of reports to address different users and different uses of the system
Web enabled Update and view information from any location. Removes visibility gaps between partners and improves collaboration

The following figure illustrates the visibility cycle which has GR-AWARE at is heart.


The system is flexible, easily adaptable and expandable. It is built on proven building blocks and provides a user friendly environment to configure customer solutions without the cost of customer development. This lowers the total cost of ownership by reducing costs and complexity.