iMotion™ IoT Edgeware Platform

GlobeRanger’s iMotion™ Platform enables the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet.

The iMotion IoT Edgeware Platform continues to enable the Internet of Things (IoT) through device & data connectivity and management for RFID, sensors and other devices and continues to prove its stability, flexibility and ease of use with over a decade of installations in defense and commercial sectors.

GlobeRanger introduced the term Edgeware to the market in 2002, now an important part of any industrial IoT architecture. The iMotion Platform enables all devices to play a part in an enterprises’ living operations.

It serves as the foundation for edge computing, providing:

  • Device connectivity and edge application logic.
  • Robust Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Pre-built workflow components & application building blocks.
  • Patented graphical emulation software
  • Tools for rapid applications development and deployment.

The result is a platform that has enabled GlobeRanger and its partners to deliver customers unmatched services. It offers:

  • Speed to solution.
  • Ease of solution deployment and management.
  • Quantifiable business gains.
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) and an overall positive experience.

What is iMotion?

GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform provides the connective tissue between the physical world of sensors, devices, RFID and mobile platforms to your business process applications and backend systems.

It centrally manages your device infrastructure and automatically filters data to provide clean, accurate information for upstream processing and integration.

By abstracting the physical device layer, iMotion isolates applications from the device configuration details. This capability enables the sharing of sensor infrastructure across multiple applications which maximizes ROI.

How does iMotion™ help my business?

The iMotion Edge Management Console (EMC) provides graphical real-time monitoring and control of device networks. It allows edge processes to be executed both locally and on a global basis, from a single management console. Operation and performance information for devices is available through industry-standard SNMP and WMI interfaces, which allows integrated monitoring of IoT solutions through standard network- and system-management systems.

The iMotion™ Edge Application Studio provides a powerful and user-friendly graphical interface. Combining sensor & device data with business context creates actionable events for consumption by upstream systems. The Edge Application Studio allows users to rapidly and intuitively construct business logic work flows by simply dragging, dropping and linking process components.

The iMotion™ Visual Device Emulator provides solution developers with the ability to emulate and model physical development scenarios, without incurring the expense and dependence on physical hardware for development, testing and integration of IoT systems, prior to deployment.

Whatever the size or complexity of the proposed solution, iMotion allows you to rapidly develop, configure and deploy IoT and sensor based solutions, from an initial pilot to a globally deployed enterprise production environment.