GlobeRanger is the leading provider of RFID, mobility and sensor-based edge software solutions. Its innovative Edgeware™ platform, iMotion™, provides the critical infrastructure layer for managing devices, networks, data and processes at the edge of the enterprise. iMotion serves as the foundation for GlobeRanger and its partners to rapidly develop, deploy and manage edge solutions. Founded in 1999, GlobeRanger is headquartered in Richardson, Texas.

As a production-tested Edgeware technology, the iMotion platform drastically simplifies the development, deployment, and management of RFID, Mobile, and Sensor-based solutions, while incorporating and preserving past investment. At GlobeRanger, we call this “Future Proofing” through GlobeRanger’s iMotion flexible platform.

GlobeRanger’s iMotion go-to-market sales strategy utilizes “best of class” System Integrators (SI), Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Device Hardware vendors. This ensures broad and expanding market coverage through an indirect global distribution model.

Our partners are among the most talented and proven hardware manufacturers, software providers and services/integration experts in the world.

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