Airbus Interiors Services allies with Fujitsu on RFID and IoT services

Airbus Interiors Services (AIS) has formed a strategic alliance with Fujitsu to offer a portfolio of new, co-created solutions which accelerate and improve inspection routines, scheduled maintenance and other daily operational tasks.

The partnership combines Airbus’ experience with introducing flyable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and with Fujitsu’s expertise in Information and IoT (Internet of Things) technology. The first such service to be rolled-out is the Smart Emergency Equipment Manager (S-EEM) – a solution for rapid digital inspection of the cabin emergency equipment which simplifies the process of checking the serviceability, security and presence by location of each item of safety equipment in the aircraft. Rather than the current practice of having to visually check all items followed by paper and administrative work, an airline mechanics using S-EEM simply need to walk through the aircraft with an RFID handheld reader.

The device immediately confirms that each piece is present, serviceable and secure while flagging any missing, expired or nearly expired items, reducing the time required for this crucial check from hours to minutes per aircraft. Going forward, the collaboration between AIS and Fujitsu will extend to further categories of components and equipment such as Repairables and Rotables.