Solutions for Government, Defense and Enterprises

GlobeRanger is a trusted RFID software solution supplier

GlobeRanger’s iMotion™ Edgeware platform has over 100 successful implementations within the government, defense and commercial space. Clients include the DoD, DoE, Homeland Security, DLA and all branches of the U.S. Military.

The GlobeRanger suite of pre-built tools and solutions continues to provide stability, flexibility and ease of use.

GlobeRanger’s RFID, mobility and sensor-enabled solutions are powering and automating government and defense business processes, including;

  • Logistics and asset tracking
  • Personnel tracking
  • Inventory management processes
  • Shipping & receiving processes
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Manufacturing, assembly & WiP

GlobeRanger and Fujitsu

GlobeRanger is a major player in Fujitsu’s Global Defense Initiative. Working with Fujitsu UK & Ireland, Fujitsu Japan, and Fujitsu Australia; GlobeRanger continues to develop and deploy innovative, cutting edge solutions to support government and defense needs.

GlobeRanger is a global provider of end-to-end edge solutions and professional services that support RFID, mobility and sensor-based solutions. The flagship iMotion platform and configurable applications provides the critical infrastructure layer for management. It enables real-time visibility, traceability and response using data from devices, networks, and processes at the edge of the enterprise.

RFID asset tracking systems for Government and Defense

The DoD Passive RFID solution developed by GlobeRanger has been implemented at each CONUS stateside site as well as globally at the DLA’s OCONUS sites. This solution tracks, traces and reconciles shipping and receiving at individual sites. It automatically aggregates and uploads data to a secure central reporting server. From this central reporting server, authorized DLA personnel can access the data and run:

  • Business process reports that provide details concerning shipment and inventory such as;
  • Times of shipment
  • Receipts and departures
  • Dwell time of shipments at a specific site
  • Transit times between origin and destination
  • Raw data reports concerning volume of tags, pallets and documents processed
  • System reports regarding server health at each reporting site. This data includes the uptime and availability of the device manager service, process manager service and the respective physical equipment, such as RFID readers, sensors and other binary devices


Government and defense solutions developed by GlobeRanger include:

  • Hazardous Waste tracking for the Department of Energy
  • Shipping and Receiving for each branch of the U.S. Military as well as the General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Asset Tracking and Uniform issuance for the U.S. Coast Guard
  • Forensics chain of custody tracking and tracing from gathering of evidence through processing for the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI)

Police department asset tracking system

At the local level, the Richardson TX Police Department implemented GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE™ asset tracking system.

Since this deployment, vehicle inventory times have been reduced from 15 minutes per car, per shift to approximately 1 minute. Using RFID for asset inventory is saving the Richardson Police Department 7.5 to 12 hours a day – about the equivalent of a patrol shift.

The system has worked so well in squad cars that the department expanded the system to include its command center and all of its in-building assets.

Features & benefits

The following table summarizes key features and benefits of solutions that support the government and defense space.

Application Feature Benefit
Logistics Asset Tracking Tracks logistics assets entering, leaving and within a user’s facility
  • Saves time and resources spent searching for assets
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by improving control, availability and utilization
  • Provides instant end-to-end visibility and accountability
Shipping & Receiving Tracks end-to-end product flow through the warehouse facility reducing manual labor, shipping and receiving errors
  • Tracks shipments at multiple levels, such as pallets, cases, items
  • Captures all outbound/inbound transactions in real-time
  • Provides instant end-to-end visibility and accountability
Inventory Management Tracks and counts inventory on an ongoing basis, using either an RTLS-like infrastructure, or forklift-mounted readers, as well as handhelds
  • Provides real-time inventory visibility
  • Saves time and labor costs of inventory counts
  • Eliminates shutdowns and disruptions to operations
  • Cuts inventory carrying costs
  • Captures all outbound/ inbound transactions in real-time
Manufacturing Assembly & WIP Tracks flow of components and subassemblies through the manufacturing assembly process to ensure Just-in-Time (JIT) operations and end-to-end visibility
  • Optimizes flow of supplies to the manufacturing floor enabling JIT environments
  • Maintains accurate JIT inventory levels
  • Issues automatic re-stocking alerts, reducing costly manufacturing line disruptions
DoD Supplier Compliance Enables DoD Suppliers to move beyond simple DOD DFARS compliance and transitions their operations from today’s manual barcode-based processes to more automated RFID-enabled systems
  • Provides verified compliance with DoD Supplier mandates
  • Automates shipping with timely and accurate data feed into WAWF back-end system
  • Streamlines reconciliation and payment processing to support the reduction in paperwork initiative

Technical details of government and defense solutions

Department of Defense passive RFID solution

The DoD Passive RFID Solution is deployed at all Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) sites both state side and overseas.

This solution tracks, traces and reconciles shipping and receiving at individual sites as well as automatically aggregating and uploading data to a secure central reporting server.

Every dock door at each DLA facility warehouse has an RFID fixed reader and four (4) antennas. Dock doors are also equipped with binary sensors that when tripped by a forklift start the reader and scanning of RFID-tagged items automatically.

As data is received and processed, it is automatically reconciled against Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs). If a discrepancy is detected between the ASN and the shipment, an alert is automatically triggered and sent to designated personnel for handling.

At some DLA facilities, conveyors are equipped with fixed RFID Readers and Diverters. Based on ASNs and RFID encoded data, items are automatically diverted to a different conveyor for “fast-track” or expedited intra-facility delivery.

Similar solutions have been developed and deployed for each of the U.S. Military Branches as well as the U.S. Coast Guard.

Department of Energy RFID solution

Partnering with Bechtel Jacobs and Alien® Technologies, GlobeRanger developed a highly ruggedized, robust RFID solution designed for ensure safe removal of contaminated waste material from Department of Energy clean-up sites.

Within three months of initial discussions, a deployable RFID solution was installed in the field.

Vehicles were equipped with tags containing Alien’s feature-rich Higgs™3 IC, and rugged deployable passive RFID towers were developed using Alien’s enterprise-class ALR-9900 readers.

Using software developed by GlobeRanger, the system was designed to automatically identify vehicles at designated checkpoints. This gave Bechtel Jacobs visibility into real-time material tracking as well as the ability to remotely manage the RFID systems, even in locations where infrastructures may be non-existent.

The GlobeRanger Software collected data from a variety of devices, including handhelds, fixed RFID readers, and weigh scales. Data from these inputs was then programmed in the extended memory section of the Alien Higgs-3 tags using encryption algorithms to enhance security.

The system was designed to flag and provide alerts and notifications if processes or time schedule variances deviated from pre-defined expectations.

The ruggedized RFID towers were designed to be NEMA-4 compliant. They meet military shock and vibration standards and are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The 6-1/2 foot towers are fully redundant with;

  • Two Alien ALR-9900 readers
  • Eight antennas
  • Vehicle detection sensors
  • Dual light stacks
  • Fiber Optic, LAN, or cellular data communications options
  • AC or DC power and redundant 24-hour battery reserve

Dutch Forensics Institute RFID tracking solution

GlobeRanger and Atos Origins partnered to provide a real-time RFID tracking solution for the Dutch Forensics Institute (NFI). The application tracks and traces the exact time, location, and movement of item-level criminal evidence during forensic analysis and processing at NFI.

The RFID system was designed in cooperation with the NFI, the police, and the Netherlands’ Public Prosecution Service. It uses GlobeRanger’s iMotion™ solution to capture time and location data of criminal evidence traveling on trolleys or trays being carried manually by employees.

Fifty doors are outfitted with RFID readers and antennas. This enables the NFI to instantly track and log the exact movement of evidence, update a central information system, and make the information immediately available for on-line viewing.

The iMotion system identifies any deviations from planned evidence movement processes as violations and triggers an alarm.

The system is a response to government standards requiring all pieces of criminal evidence collected by police at crime scenes, and sent to NFI for forensic analysis to be traceable and identifiable.

NFI receives and tags approximately 100,000 pieces of evidence annually, resulting in over 800,000 process events being generated and stored.

Other GlobeRanger Solutions

Other government and defense agencies are tasked with an extremely broad range of needs. They require fresh thinking regarding technology, personnel, systems and the most cost-effective way of using all these assets to best support their missions.

New technologies coming online must be adaptive enough to integrate with existing technologies and address new problem solving requirements that evolve on a daily basis.

In this rapidly changing operational environment, the only solution that makes tactical and strategic sense is one that is stable, scalable and technically rich. Solutions must also have a robust platform of capabilities to continually address emerging and changing requirements and threats.

GlobeRanger’s iMotion™ platform delivers production-verified software combined with highly experienced staff. This can offer qualitative and quantitative insight, solutions, and rapid deployments of mission critical solutions. Using a platform as the ‘connective tissue’ allows the immediate integration and utilization of new technology;

  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors,
  • Shock sensors
  • Bio-chemical sensors
  • Weighing systems
  • Cameras
  • Voice
  • Signs
  • Alert notification systems,
  • Memory buttons
  • Active and passive RFID

All distributed across multiple legacy systems supporting multiple, concurrent missions.

Multi-modal application support means that a single platform can be deployed when and where needed. Diverse mission objectives can be accomplished at a low cost and in minimal time. Applications include;

  • Cross-border security
  • Seaport security
  • Airport security
  • Building security