RFID Asset Management Solutions for Law Enforcement

GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE PD asset tracking solution

Law Enforcement Agencies and municipalities need to track thousands of assets from furniture, IT equipment to weapons, uniforms and patrol cars. Many items need to be regularly inspected and maintained, others such as personal protection vests need to be replaced when they reach their expiration date.

Old manual methods of asset tracking are no longer sufficient, as knowing the status of current items is vital for public safety. It’s crucial to know where all assets are at all times because an item, such as a gun or police uniform could in the wrong hands, lead to a disaster.

Knowing where all Police Department (PD) assets are is vital to thwarting police impersonation, and keeping the officers’ equipment in good condition.

How does GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE PD help law enforcement agencies?

GR-AWARE for Police Departments is an RFID and barcode enabled asset management solution. It provides you with a view of your department’s assets by assigned person, location and other attributes, and it ties into your HR system for an integrated system.

It automates the processes of enforcing issued quantities and alerts for expired items. It provides all-time visibility of what an officer should have in their possession versus what they actually have in their possession.

Officers can easily and quickly check in and out equipment which reduces the time needed for in-car inventory at shift changes. Less time spent on inventory means more time protecting citizens.

GR-AWARE PD asset tracking solutions for the Police

Since the Richardson Police Department implemented GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE PD asset tracking solution, an estimated $9,000 has been saved annually per patrol car.

The Richardson, Texas Police Department implemented GlobeRanger’s RFID asset-tracking solution (GR-AWARE PD) to monitor approximately 6,000 items and 44 vehicles, including its mobile command center. The solution has enabled the police department to minimize the use of conventional paper records and time-consuming manual data entry, while improving accuracy

The RFID system enables the department to electronically scan and catalog inventory, and to obtain real-time visibility into critical assets, ranging from weapons and uniforms to radar systems and cell phones.

With GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE PD asset management, Richardson PD saves between 7.5 to 12 hours each day checking inventory.

Richardson PD officers are responsible for verifying that all equipment is present before the start of each shift. This was previously done by recording serial numbers on a paper form which took approximately 15 minutes per vehicle per shift.

The process is now completed in seconds using the GR-AWARE PD asset management system and Xerafy RFID tags. Asset identification is instant for shotguns, citation printers and other equipment in the vehicles.

In total Richardson PD now utilizes over 6,000 RFID tags.

GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE PD asset management solution has been so successful that the City of Richardson has expanded the implementation to include the RFID tagging of all municipal-owned furniture and equipment issued to the department. UHF EPC Gen 2 tags have been attached to PD city-owned office and IT equipment, including printers, computers, chairs and desks.

A handheld RFID reader scans the facilities and all tagged items can be inventoried, all missing or lost items are broadcast.

Personnel no longer have to manually check inventory and maintain paper records. They now just scan each location using a handheld RFID reader and the data is automatically uploaded to the backend system.

GR-AWARE PD solution – features & benefits

The following table summarizes key features and benefits for GlobeRanger’s asset management solution for law enforcement agencies.

Features Benefits
Track items by assigned officer, location, and other attributes Find out where an item has been, who has what, find a missing item.
Role-driven quartermaster station for fast check-in/checkout of equipment Quickly identify the officer, see what they should have, see what they already have, and complete the transaction.   Save officer time, and catch errors before they happen. If an officer leaves or changes roles, immediately know what they still have and what needs to be returned.
Integrated, total asset management Track all your office, city, and police assets with a single application.
Alerts and notifications Enables the setting of triggers and conditions for notifications that are relevant to your operations. Too many/too few items, find expired body armor.
Customizable reports Set up a range of reports to address different users and different uses of the system.
Web enabled Update and view information from any location.
Hosted or on-premises Flexible hosting options let you host the software in our cloud, or host it on a Windows Server on your premises.
Expandability System can be expanded to incorporate images, weights, motion sensors, temperature, and more. Expand the system to track forensics, track people, audit movement, and more.


GR-AWARE PD solution – technical specifications

The Richardson Police Department’s GR-AWARE PD asset management system is built on proven building blocks like GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform and Solution Accelerators. It runs on most Microsoft platforms from Microsoft Windows XP to the newest Microsoft Windows Servers.

It provides a user-friendly environment to configure custom solutions without the cost of custom development. This lowers the TCO by reducing cost and complexity and shortening time to solution.

Readers are connected through GlobeRanger iMotion Edgeware server which filters and interprets the reader data for the asset management system. Users can easily configure business rules concerning inventory and asset movement. Triggers can be set so alerts and notifications are automatically sent at a given point of action or transition.

RFID Tagging

Richardson PD has attached a variety of Xerafy’s ultra-high frequency (UHF) EPC Gen RFID 2 tags to its equipment. In addition washable laundry tags from Fujitsu Frontech North America are sewn into uniforms.

All tags are pre-encoded with a unique serial numbers and are permanently attached to assets.

For example:

  • Shotguns within each patrol car have Xerafy Titanium Metal Skin tags permanently sealed inside the stocks
  • Rifles have Xerafy Versa Trak tags sealed in the receivers

Due to demanding read-on-metal requirements, GlobeRanger enlisted Xerafy to help it identify the best tags and adhesives for the Richardson PD project.

Among the Xerafy tags chosen for the RPD were:

  • Dot-On XS tags used on cell phones
  • Dash-On XS tags used on tracking voice recorders
  • Pico series and NanoX II tags used on other assets
  • Xerafy’s Titanium Metal Skin on handguns

Low profile tagging requirements

For handguns and other items requiring low-profile tags, the department employs Xerafy’s Titanium Metal Skin label.

Titanium Metal Skin is made with Impinj’s Monza 5 chip, offering a serialized 48-bit tag ID and 128 bits of user memory, and can be printed with a bar code or human-readable text. It is a small, thin, on-metal RFID label measuring 1.77 inches by 0.22 inch by 0.03 inch (45 millimeters by 5.6 millimeters by 0.8 millimeter).