GlobeRanger Manufacturing & Distribution Solutions

Improving manufacturing processes with RFID

GlobeRanger offers manufacturers an accessible method of improving their manufacturing processes, leading to increased productivity, leaner inventories, and fewer errors.

Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has become increasingly common in manufacturing as a way to track and trace products, assets and material flow.

Recent years have seen advances in tag design and increased usage of RFID in manufacturing and distribution industries.

Costs of RFID based solutions have been driven down to more acceptable levels.

RFID is not just a replacement for barcodes.

RFID has risen to become a leading force within manufacturing and supply chain processes.  RFID ensures the right goods are available in the right place with no discrepancies and zero errors.

GlobeRanger’s solution makes the supply chain much more visible.  Data is available to help manage the supply chain effectively. This includes data related to:

  • The ordering of parts and inventory
  • Pick, pull and kit processes of Work-in-Process
  • Final assembly
  • Packaging and distribution

As a result, the manufacturing supply chain is more precise, with improved efficiency and reliability. The availability of real-time information can significantly improve manufacturing administration and planning processes.

RFID solutions that help Manufacturing and Distribution

GlobeRanger manufacturing and distribution solutions include the iMotion Platform, GR-AWARE Asset Tracker and GR-MAKE.

By implementing GlobeRanger RFID-enabled solutions and automating previous manual manufacturing processes, manufacturers realize:

  • Cost reductions
  • Improved efficiencies in processing accuracy
  • Faster ROI

RFID-enabled solutions include the following applications:

  • Work-in-Process (WIP) tracking on the manufacturing assembly floor
  • Manufacturing tools and equipment tracking
  • Kanban system for managing incoming supplies to the manufacturing floor

Example of a flexible RFID solution

Daisy Brand were looking for a flexible RFID solution that could easily be reconfigured for future applications.

After extensive evaluations, Daisy Brand’s IT team selected the GlobeRanger iMotion™ Edgeware™ platform.  This solution is now the foundation for developing RFID solutions for all its warehouses.

Benefits derived by this solution:

  • Automated real-time inventory data collection and management visibility
  • Expedited tracking of finished goods and improved productivity of Daisy Brand warehouse forklift drivers
  • Safeguarded retail product shelf freshness, realized through increased inventory turns
  • Eliminated system costs by having instant visibility into the current state of inventory
  • Expanded visibility and automatic recording of all inventory movement in the entire plant

Features & benefits

The following table summarizes features and benefits of the manufacturing and distribution solutions provided by GlobeRanger.



Enables Lean Manufacturing Maintains the optimal flow of supplies to the manufacturing floor to enable a Just-in-Time environment
Incoming Inventory Management Manages inventory by providing re-stock and other alerts so supplies can be ordered in a timely fashion and prevent disruptions in the manufacturing line
Provides Edge Business Processing and Real-Time Reconciliation A flexible rules engine allows customer-specific business rules concerning inventory and asset movement at the point of action to identify exceptions and trigger alerts and notifications, reducing the impact of errors and improving operational flow
Reduces Operational Costs Automates manual functions, reduces costs and delays, prevents inventory build-up, as well as improves asset utilization and productivity

Technical details of solution

GlobeRanger solutions run on most Microsoft platforms from Microsoft Windows XP to the newest Microsoft Windows Servers. Readers are connected through GlobeRanger iMotion™ EdgeWare™ server which filters, aggregates and interprets the reader data received from the RFID tags.

Data is processed in real-time based on user-defined business rules concerning inventory, work-in-process and asset movement. Triggers can be set so alerts and notifications are automatically sent at a given point of action or transition.

Solutions are built on proven building blocks like GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform and Solution Accelerators.  The same robust data engine that powers GlobeRanger’s asset management application, GR-AWARE. It also provides a user-friendly environment to configure custom solutions without the cost of custom development.

GlobeRanger solutions lower the TCO by reducing costs, complexity and shortening time to solution.