Food & Drug Asset Tracking

Powering innovation in the food and drug supply chain

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What if you could track your lots, orders and individual products throughout the supply chain in real time?
  • How could having timely information about inventory levels, locations and storage conditions help production and supply chain operations?
  • What if you could conduct narrow, targeted recalls?

These capabilities are all available today.

Asset tracking solutions for the Food and Drug industries

GlobeRanger’s iMotion™  Edgeware Platform asset tracking solutions give you the ability to see deeper into your processes and supply chains. Giving timely information needed to ensure your products are fresh, safe and available to customers.

A vital ingredient for improving product quality, safety and availability is having better, actionable data. When you can sense and respond to changes in production, storage and distribution operations, you can prevent the conditions that lead to downtime or losses.

GlobeRanger asset tracking solutions lower costs while improving food and drug quality, safety and operational efficiency.

Better traceability for the Food and Drug industries

GlobeRanger has helped food and drug producers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers create better traceability and visibility that cuts time and waste out of their operations.

Within the food industry alone, an estimated $3 billion in savings could be realized by implementing integrated traceability processes [1].

GlobeRanger can help you get your share of these savings.

The asset tracking solutions provided by GlobeRanger not only collect data for reports, but also provide actionable information so you can respond to events before they become problems. Now you can pro-actively manage exceptions in real-time.

[1]  GSI US and McKinsey & Company “Integrated Traceability in Fresh Foods: Ripe Opportunity for Real Results”

How GlobeRanger’s solutions help the Food and Drug industries

GlobeRanger provides visibility and traceability by bringing together input from bar codes, RFID tags, sensors, industrial control systems and other sources in ways you can use.

The foundations of GlobeRanger’s asset tracking solutions are its highly configurable iMotion™ Edgeware Platform and GR-AWARE  (GlobeRanger Asset Watching and Reporting Engine).

iMotion collects and aggregates data collected from the physical devices and sensors; then transforms that data into actionable business events.

GlobeRanger solutions allow you to:

  • Track raw materials and finished products by lot, batch, order, location, shipment, pallet, case, or even at the item level—from production to retail and all points in between.
  • Set key data elements (KDEs) and critical tracking events (CTEs) that you want to monitor. GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform will automatically collect the data and present it in your preferred format which can range from text alerts, dashboards, spreadsheets, email notification and so forth; or any combination of formats.
  • Receive alerts when storage conditions such as temperature and humidity, or dwell times are approaching unacceptable levels.
  • Ensure adherence to FIFO inventory management.
  • Track products and shipments by “sell by” date, customer, location or other user-defined criteria. This gives you the ability to balance inventory to optimize product availability and to conduct limited, targeted recalls if needed.

GlobeRanger is helping solve some of the most persistent and pressing problems within the food industry by:

  • Increasing product quality, safety and availability
  • Monitoring real-time data about the product, its environment and its movement
  • Easing recall mitigation and management
  • Automating production and distribution processes

Features & benefits for the Food and Drug industries

The following table summarizes key features and benefits of GlobeRanger’s asset tracking solutions.

Features Benefits
Monitor and track complete supply chain processes from receipt of raw goods through production, packaging, storage and shipping Easily track raw materials and finished products by lot, batch, order, location, shipment, pallet, case, or even at the item level.
Tracking from production to retail and all points in between
Improve product environment integrity with real-time data Monitor product environment in real-time based on user-defined rules concerning temperature, humidity, shock/shake, and/or dwell time.
Automatically send alerts using customer preferred formats from email notifications, to beeps and visual display.
Identify and isolate products to avoid mass recalls Track materials and products by lot, batch, order, location, shipment, pallet, case, or even at the item level—from production through packaging, storage, and distribution
Upload and integrate data from edge processes into back end systems Collect, aggregate and transform data collected at the edge from a myriad of sensors, readers and other devices into actionable business events.Automatically process and handle these events in real-time where activity occurs.
Extensibility Use a broad range of ready-to-use, certified interfaces to ERP and other applications.
A system architecture uniquely suited to adding new interfaces quickly and cost effectively;
Enterprises enjoy great flexibility over time as their requirements evolve.

Technical details

GlobeRanger’s iMotion Edgeware Platform and its suite of asset tracking solutions are built on the Microsoft .NET platform. It can be configured to run in a closed single server environment or distributed across multiple servers and edge controllers across a global enterprise. Using the iMotion Edge Management Console, you can configure, control and monitor activity remotely across the enterprise network from a single console.

Within the food industry, GlobeRanger solutions provide real-time track and trace capabilities to enable food companies to monitor the complete harvest-to-market process. RFID-tagged harvest bins, pallets, shipping containers and any other types of containers are automatically tracked with fixed or handheld RFID readers and the data is collected by the iMotion system in real-time. This identification and tracking data can be enhanced with sensor input regarding temperature, sanitation, humidity, speed tilt, tampering and other criteria to provide comprehensive documentation of conditions.

GlobeRanger is a pioneer in developing edge technology and solutions for the food and drug industries; whether for food producers, distributors, wholesalers or retailers. That experience along with its highly configurable, scalable and extensible iMotion platform suite of tools, expansion packs and accelerators enables solutions to be easily created and integrated very quickly; thus, minimizing deployment cost and reduces the time to ROI.

Its suite of pre-built applications and development tools along with proven RFID, mobile and sensor based interfaces shortens deployment and time to value. Part of the suite is GlobeRanger’s Visual Device Emulator, which can emulate real-world behavior of tags, readers and sensor devices. This gives you the ability to model and try different process scenarios before having to purchase any physical equipment. This eliminates the investment needed and dependence on physical hardware being in place during the development, testing and integration phases of RFID systems life cycles.

Solutions developed using iMotion and its suite of tools can be easily scaled into a production environment. Scaling from an initial pilot to an enterprise-wide global deployment of interconnected devices and processes quickly. GlobeRanger can give you the data and the ability to act on it.

Talk to GlobeRanger today to see how you can automate your processes and get a slice of the potential $3 billion in savings that can be garnered through automation.