Asset Management Solutions for Energy, Gas and Oil Enterprises

GlobeRanger powering innovation in energy production

GlobeRanger’s iMotion powered solutions lower costs while improving productivity and safety in energy production.

We help energy producers reach unprecedented levels of efficiency and safety by providing data and visibility from new sources.

Our highly configurable iMotion™ Edgeware platform lets you choose what data will be communicated back to host systems for analysis and archiving. Real-time input from sensors, industrial controls, smart meters, tools, equipment and fixed assets can be brought together to automate management and reduce labor, cost and risk within your operations.

Having actionable information is what makes the difference between planned and unplanned downtime, and corresponding costs.

GlobeRanger gives you the ability to create powerful new business processes. We can enhance the performance of your existing production control, maintenance management, ERP and other systems by providing new types of real-time data through certified interfaces.

Our automated tracking and asset management solutions allow you to move away from paper records. Throughout the equipment chain from drilling rigs, pipe systems and refinery equipment to power generation plants and grids, managing assets and regulatory compliance is more accurate and efficient.

How can GlobeRanger asset tracking solutions help the Energy, Oil and Gas Industry?

Our solutions monitor systems and environments to increase uptime and reduce costly disruptions by preventing incidents before they happen.

Assets can self-report their location, status, performance metrics and other information to GR-AWARE™ (GlobeRanger Asset Watching and Reporting Engine). GR-AWARE accepts input from environmental sensors, flow meters and other sensors, control systems, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices, active RFID tags, M2M interfaces and more.

Flexible data collection and processing at the edge allows organizations to filter input. They are enabled to manage by exception and receive real-time notification when user-determined thresholds are reached.

GlobeRanger’s solutions allow you to set:

  • What you want to monitor
  • What data you want to receive
  • When it should be reported
  • What automated response is required
  • What alerts the system needs to make

JPL RFID, a Houston-based oil and gas systems integrator, surveyed and evaluated many companies offering asset management solutions to the oil and gas industry. It was concluded that GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE Stratus best served the market’s unique requirements.

“The oil and gas industry is very advanced in terms of technology,” said Jason Pitcock, JPL RFID’s CEO, in a prepared statement.

“However, regulatory compliance, data collection and asset management is typically done using pen, paper, and spreadsheets. JPL RFID immediately brings our clients into the 21st century with innovative asset tracking/data management solutions, GPS location tracking and mapping, and safety and regulatory compliance with GlobeRanger’s GR-AWARE.”

Asset management solution features & benefits

The following table summarizes key features and benefits from implementing GlobeRanger solutions.

Features Benefits
Increase Uptime Help prevent costly disruptions by monitoring systems and environments therefore potentially preventing incidents before they happen.
Improve Inspection Efficiency Reduces the time and effort needed to complete inspections and keep mistakes out of the process by using GlobeRanger solutions to collect, validate, store and share information.
Reduce Tool, Asset and Material Inventories Provides energy companies the components and experience needed to identify and track all types of items in a wide range of operating conditions
Improve Personnel Management Personnel tracking solutions can locate personnel and report their locations in case of emergency.
Other applications include access control, location monitoring, automated time and attendance and automatically recording tools, equipment and supplies that are allocated to employees
Build Intelligence In; Take Costs Out Enables the automatic identification, trackingand monitoring of people and materials which are the foundation needed to automate many processes
Optimizes facilities with better visibility of people, assets and inventory Real M2M intelligence gives better visibility to potential problems

Technical details of GlobeRanger GR-AWARE Stratus

GR-AWARE runs on most Microsoft platforms from Microsoft Windows XP to the newest Microsoft Windows Servers. Readers are connected through GlobeRanger iMotion Edgeware server which filters and interprets the reader data.

GlobeRanger solutions are built on proven building blocks like GlobeRanger’s iMotion platform and Solution Accelerators, and the same robust data engine that powers GlobeRanger’s asset management application.

GR-AWARE enables data-capture from current and next generation devices such as handheld and fixed RFID readers, bar-code readers, GPS devices and a variety of sensors

Assets can be uniquely identified and scanned. Attribute data including GPS location, is captured and transmitted via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The data is stored allowing records and reports to be easily accessed from any location.

Users can easily configure business rules concerning inventory and asset movement. Triggers can be set so alerts and notifications are automatically sent at a given point of action or transition.

GR-AWARE Stratus provides a user-friendly environment to configure custom solutions without the cost of custom development. It lowers the TCO by cutting costs, reducing complexity and shortening time to solution.