EEM (Emergency Equipment Management)

GlobeRanger’s Emergency Equipment Management solutions for Airlines

GlobeRanger’s Emergency Equipment Management solution makes inspecting aircraft emergency equipment a hands-off process. Instead of manually handling each piece of equipment, technicians can simply walk through the aircraft with a mobile RFID reader. It will automatically confirm that emergency equipment is present and serviceable, alerting if anything is missing. Our solution reduces emergency equipment management time from hours to minutes. The equipment inspected includes:

  • Oxygen Generators
  • Life Vests
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Miscellaneous Emergency Equipment
  • Placards


  • Reduce inspection lead time by at least 90%
  • Produce reliable as-flying configuration data
  • Eliminate inspection open up & close up
  • Reduce non-ergonomic human functions
  • Reduce spares inventory, replace “just-in-case” with “just-in-time asset management
  • Increase component service life yield
  • Push base maintenance tasks out to underutilized line stations
  • Reduce Cost