Advanced solutions for the aerospace industry delivering significant cost and efficiency improvements

In an industry that depends on timely data and decision making to keep planes in the air, outdated and unreliable information systems can leave the fleet in an inefficient holding pattern.

GlobeRanger IoT and asset tracking solutions helps the aerospace and aviation industry achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and safety. Providing fast, accurate and reliable information, coupled with near real-time visibility drives this efficiency, while informed decision making realizes significant cost improvements.

GlobeRanger’s industry leading AIT (Automatic Identification Technologies) solutions support all aspects of the aerospace industry including MRO, inventory management and supply chain integration. Here is how GlobeRanger is helping solve some of the most persistent and pressing problems across the aerospace and aviation industries on a day-to-day basis:

The enabled enterprise

Aerospace and aviation organizations are dealing with a growing inventory of rotable spares, expendables, consumables, and a general lack of visibility throughout the value chain. GlobeRanger’s iMotionTM IoT enablement platform can help to improve the visibility of assets throughout the supply chain by managing data from multiple sources, including RFID tags, M2M devices, IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices, ERP and other enterprise applications. iMotionTM helps optimize processes and eliminate redundant tasks, which significantly reduces lead times and labor costs for maintenance, inspection, reporting, inventory management and other day-to-day activities.

GlobeRanger can help build the foundation for improved visibility by AIT-enabling parts, components, tools, equipment and other assets. We have a complete range of AIT sensors, readers and supporting software specifically engineered for aerospace industry requirements, including high-memory tags that support Spec 2000 data formats for parts tracking. We also offer complete tagging and consulting services and can configure our software solutions to run independently or integrate with your existing IT infrastructure.

GlobeRanger’s highly configurable iMotionTM platform lets you choose what data will be communicated back to your host systems for analysis and archiving. iMotionTM gathers, filters and processes data from this sophisticated network of devices and sensors located on assets throughout your organization’s value chain. Flexible data collection and processing at the edge allows organizations to filter input so they can manage by exception and receive near real-time notification when user-determined thresholds are neared or breached.

Your business rules determine what you want to monitor, what data you receive, when it should be reported and the automated responses and alerts the system should make. Having actionable information can make the difference between planned and unplanned downtime and associated costs.

The enabled airplane

GlobeRanger’s ATA Spec 2000 compliant asset tagging and management solutions enable individual or groups of aircraft components to communicate identity, location, serviceability, maintenance history and other information.

As a result, elimination of wasteful maintenance processes and an increase in throughput is achieved. AIT-enabled maintenance replaces lengthy manual and visual processes to enable Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) compliance. iMotion-supported applications and devices can function whether or not there is network connectivity, allowing completion of assigned tasks at anytime.

Emergency equipment management

GlobeRanger’s solution makes inspecting emergency equipment a hands-off process. Instead of manually handling each piece of equipment, technicians can simply walk through the aircraft with a mobile RFID reader. It will automatically confirm that emergency equipment is present and serviceable, alerting if anything is missing. The solution reduces emergency equipment management time from hours to minutes…

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