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Airbus Interiors Services allies with Fujitsu on RFID and IoT services

July 18th 2018

Airbus Interiors Services (AIS) has formed a strategic alliance with Fujitsu to offer a portfolio of new, co-created solutions which… [read more]


Protecting the natural world through IoT

February 23rd 2018

Frequent oil slicks and threats to fish stocks are just two of the issues faced by the world’s oceans. Marine… [read more]

GlobeRanger / Switlik Collaborate on Aviation Safety IoT Technology

April 25th 2017

DALLAS, April 25, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Aviation Week MRO Americas — Fujitsu-GlobeRanger has entered into a strategic collaboration with Switlik… [read more]

GlobeRanger IoT Solution to Track and Manage BearCom’s Digital Radio Assets

November 18th 2016

Munich, November 15, 2016 – BearCom, North America’s largest provider of two-way radio wireless communications equipment and solutions, has chosen… [read more]


Meggitt Polymers & Composites Uses GlobeRanger RFID to Track Aircraft Components, Materials

September 19th 2016

Sep 16, 2016, RFID Journal — Meggitt Polymers & Composites (MPC)’s manufacturing plant in San Diego is taking the next… [read more]


Fujitsu to Provide GlobeRanger Manufacturing IoT Solution to Baker Hill Industries

August 16th 2016

Sunnyvale, CA, August 15, 2016 – Fujitsu today announced that US-based Baker Hill Industries Inc., a leading supplier of precision… [read more]

GlobeRanger Announces its Latest Release of the iMotion™ IoT Edgeware Platform: iMotion™ 7.0

May 3rd 2016

GlobeRanger, a Fujitsu Company, delivers major enhancements to its iMotion IoT Edgeware Platform in release 7.0 to expand and improve… [read more]

GlobeRanger Announces Planned Retirement of George Brody, Company Founder and CEO

April 5th 2016

GlobeRanger Inc., a Fujitsu owned IOT software and solutions company, announced today that George Brody, the founder and CEO of… [read more]


GlobeRanger expands its suite of Aviation RFID Offerings, receiving FAA letter of Operational Suitability

January 15th 2016

FAA Operational Suitability distinguishes the GlobeRanger Aviation RFID system as an RFID-based turn-key means of compliance encompassing multiple airborne and… [read more]

Fujitsu addresses the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) with scalable, robust iMotion Edgeware management platform

June 29th 2015

Fujitsu today announces it has established an end-to-end capability in Australia and New Zealand around the Internet of Things (IoT)… [read more]

Fujitsu and SAP enjoy great demos around IoT and security

June 29th 2015

Congrats to everyone who contributed to a very inspiring and insightful „Co-Innovation in Action“ event hosted by SAP in its… [read more]


Fujitsu Australia launches IoT that connects to Oracle, SAP

June 29th 2015

Fujitsu has launched its Internet of Things platform in Australia with support for a product that will connect sensors to… [read more]

Fujitsu capitalises on IoT explosion with new platform

June 29th 2015

Global tech giant Fujitsu has released an Internet of Things edgeware management platform, iMotion, for Australia and New Zealand. Given the… [read more]

Fujitsu capitalises on IoT proliferation with ANZ platform

June 29th 2015

Fujitsu is making a local play for the internet of things market, establishing end-to-end capability in Australia and New Zealand… [read more]


Fujitsu Addresses Proliferation of IoT with Scalable iMotion Management Platform

May 28th 2015

Fujitsu has established support capability in Australia and New Zealand for its groundbreaking Internet of Things iMotion Edgeware management platform… [read more]

Managing Defense Supply Chains: Shaping a 21st Century Way Ahead

May 1st 2015

March 1, 2015 When the F-35 is discussed, subsumed in the discussion is the evolution of defense supply chains.  The… [read more]

Shaping a New Way to Manage the Supply and Logistical Chains: Forging a Smart Network

May 1st 2015

By Robbin Laird     March17, 2015 The introduction of new sensors into the supply chain has provided a solid basis for… [read more]


Shaping Effective Solution Sets for Logistics Management: Edge Software and Distributed Decision Making

May 1st 2015

By Robbin Laird        March 22, 2015 UID and RFID technologies have been important enablers of change in the… [read more]

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