New Product Announcement: GlobeRanger Edge Connect

Collect critical data at the Edge, then store it in any on-premis or cloud application using GlobeRanger Edge Connect. Our latest solution can capture and transmit asset data such as product type, weight and GPS coordinates, making it ideal for deployment on forklifts, AGVs, drones and other types of vehicles or fixed assets. GlobeRanger Edge… Read More »

Azure Percept Bootcamp

The GlobeRanger team successfully completed a co-engineering bootcamp with Microsoft using their new Azure Percept devices that bring AI to the Edge. For our solution the GlobeRanger team enhanced our Armory tracking solution to make use of speech based weapon assignment and automatic identification of individuals and weapons to ensure weapons are stored safely and only assigned… Read More »

Todd Mellon joins GlobeRanger

We are delighted to welcome Todd Mellon to GlobeRanger and Fujitsu Defense as our Senior Defense Advisor in the US.  Todd was the former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy from January 2019 to March 2020, and prior to his appointment in the Secretariat, Todd was the Executive Director for the F-35 Lightning II… Read More »

Airbus Interiors Services allies with Fujitsu on RFID and IoT services

Airbus Interiors Services (AIS) has formed a strategic alliance with Fujitsu to offer a portfolio of new, co-created solutions which accelerate and improve inspection routines, scheduled maintenance and other daily operational tasks. The partnership combines Airbus’ experience with introducing flyable RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), and with Fujitsu’s expertise in Information and IoT (Internet of Things)… Read More »

Working with Metalcraft to implement specialist RFID and bar code tags that meet the stringent requirements of the whisky production industry

OPPORTUNITY Making whiskey is an age-old process that large distilleries have down to a science. One large US-based distillery wanted to improve their data collection process by integrating RFID technology to track and utilize data about a critical asset in the production process – the barrel. To accomplish this, they turned to GlobeRanger, a provider… Read More »

Deployment of Globeranger iMotion® at Jim Beam® brings automated, seamless IoT monitoring and tracking to the Whisky production industry

Challenge  Jim Beam® was monitoring the production, storage and distribution of millions of barrels using a process heavily reliant on paperwork, leaving it exposed to error. It wanted to find a more efficient, transparent and accurate way of keeping track of inventory.  Solution  The company deployed GlobeRanger iMotion IoT Edgeware Platform, which connects sensors and… Read More »