Flexible and scalable AIT asset tracking solutions

Delivering rapid time-to-value, in-depth analysis and insight


GlobeRanger was founded in 1999 to help organizations improve the visibility of their business operations. Using a combination of our technology platform and years of specialist experience, we simplify the development, deployment, and management of IoT technology and sensor-based solutions. 

Today, we are widely recognized as an industry leader in IoT enablement and AIT based  Radio Frequency Identification based asset tracking solutions. As an end-to-end solutions provider, we work with our customers across a broad range of industries to deliver the most reliable, scalable, and flexible enterprise edge solutions, at the lowest cost of ownership. 

Our innovative approach was strengthened further in 2014 when GlobeRanger was acquired by Fujitsu. GlobeRanger’s solid grounding in IoT enablement and AIT asset tracking solutions now benefit from the backing of one of the world’s largest technology firms. Worldwide support and access to a $1.6 billion annual R&D budget have helped us to retain our agility to move quickly and spearhead the latest industry developments.


Why choose GlobeRanger AIT and IoT solutions?

GlobeRanger IoT and asset tracking solutions are flexible and scalable, and our end-to-end implementation service means you can start small and realize value early in the solution deployment. And being hardware-independent, we match best-of-breed devices, sensors and tags, such as RFID, BLE, etc.to your requirements.

GlobeRanger delivers rapid time-to-value. Our patented emulation technology allows us to architect, design and implement solutions in days or weeks. By focusing on our customers’ specific needs and requirements we can create early wins that enable our customers to meet or exceed their business case and ROI expectations. 

Rapid time-to-value time

Immediate traceability

Enable in-depth analysis and insight

Scalability and flexibility to suit your changing needs

The Fujitsu GlobeRanger IoT Technology Advantage

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu, GlobeRanger is a world-leader in IoT technology. We defined Edge Computing, and have deep experience in IoT that dates back to the early days of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and machine-to-machine systems. We draw on long-established expertise in networking, applications, sensors and embedded technologies to provide insight, advice, and practical implementation resources for businesses wanting to extract value from the technology.

Fujitsu and GlobeRanger continue to invest in IoT knowledge and skills, supporting the continual development of IoT and AIT solutions. Fujitsu operates in 154 countries and invests as much as $1.6 billion annually in research and development. Leveraging Fujitsu’s global footprint and financial strength, Fujitsu and GlobeRanger collaborate to bring best-in-class solutions for industrial IoT and manufacturing, distribution and logistics, aviation, defence and many other industries. The combination of Fujitsu’s financial strength and industry knowledge combined with GlobeRanger’s IoT and AIT RFID expertise bring our customers the high value, low-risk, asset, supply chain and personnel tracking solutions they need to transform their organization.  


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