As of May 2, 2014 GlobeRanger has been acquired by Fujitsu. The acquisition will see GlobeRanger remain as an autonomous product development and marketing unit, owned by Fujitsu UK & Ireland with Fujitsu taking a place on GlobeRanger’s Board of Directors. To read the full press release please click on the following link.

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Asset Management
Asset tracking integrated into enterprise workflows and visibility dashboards provides a platform for tracking all classes of assets for tangible business benefits...
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Shipping & Receiving:
Gain complete supply chain visibility from raw materials to finished goods to distribution and retail and reduce inventory imbalances, errors and delays...
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Perishables Supply Chain:

Track time and temperature sensitive inventory to optimize product routing and enable rapid tracking and tracing to protect economic value and health interests...
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Public Saftey

Asset tracking specialized for the unique needs of police and fire departments: ensure personnel have right equipment; know where critical equipment is at all times…
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DoD Supplier Solution
DoD Compliance
Homeland Security
Sea Ports

Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI):
RFID protects 100,000+ pieces of crime scene evidence each year, expedites item tracking for 26 police districts countrywide...
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Daisy Brand:
Drivers at Daisy Brand load 24 pallets on trucks in 20 minutes. It used to take them an hour...
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Beaver Street Fisheries:

RFID high value tracking solution saved Beaver Street Fisheries $20,000 a pallet...
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Department of Defense (DoD):

iMotion resolves mission critical asset tracking visibility needs at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Marine Corps Warehouse Facilities in Hawaii...
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Real-time RFID tracking system cuts $200,000 annually in handling costs...
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FloraHolland Video

CPG & Consumer Goods
Government & Aerospace
Industrial Goods
Hospital, Medical & Healthcare
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Eric Pearson
Director of Engineering
Leveraging RFID Throughout the Retail Environment
This paper addresses technology changes and market shifts that have made using RFID in a retail environment a reality...
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Richard Bach
System Architect
RFID Cyber-Security: Stopping Unwanted Hackers in their Tracks
Learn how RFID mitigates tag and edge server risks from unauthorized users and cyber attacks...
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George Brody
Founder, Chief Executive Officer & President
Immutable laws of the Edge
If you are not operating at the Edge

"Read George's views on why you may be paying a heavy price if you are not at the edge"... more »
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The Edge is a term that describes the intersection of reality and the computing network,...
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The iMotion Edgeware Platform by GlobeRanger Corp. is a scalable, distributed, enterprise ready RFID...
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Managing the Edge really involves two key responsibilities:...
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May 2, 2014
Fujitsu Acquires GlobeRanger to Accelerate Top Line Growth in its Defense and National Security Business

April 9, 2014
GlobeRanger™ Introduces its Cognitive Location Processing Technology to solve complex industry challenges with enhancements to its industry leading RFID and Sensor Edgeware Platform, iMotion™, using an innovative collection of real-time processes for reliable location recognition

Visual Device Emulator (VDE)
Event Workflow Editor (EWE)
Edge Management Console (EMC)
Network Health Monitor

Supply Chain—Product Tracking
Asset Management
Inventory Management
Workflow Optimization
Cold Chain Monitoring
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